About SICA

The Cluster

By virtue of its remote operations and ambient conditions, the unique operating environment in Australasia presents opportunities specific to the region. Australian operators, service companies and research institutions have developed specialised knowledge and skills making them subsea Inspection, Maintenance & Repair (IMR) industry leaders, particularly within the Asian sector. In order to leverage this a group of Australian companies, together with a number of research institutions, formed Australia’s first Subsea Cluster, Subsea Innovation Cluster Australia (SICA), with an initial focus on subsea IMR. SICA is operated and managed in Perth with strong support from Subsea Energy Australia (SEA).

Our vision is to be the Asia Pacific centre of expertise in subsea IMR technology & services. We will bring together companies across the whole value chain, attracting capital, knowledge & skilled individuals.

Our objective is collaboration to strengthen SICA’s competitive advantages to realise sustainable growth and value creation for the IMR sector both in the regional market and globally.

The goal for the cluster is to improve growth and revenue opportunities for participating Australian based IMR companies, by:

  • Stimulating innovation and technology development through collaboration and improved understanding of operator subsea IMR needs;
  • Facilitating improved IMR technology development through closer links between industry and Australian research institutions;
  • Providing enhanced access to government R&D funds through an improved ability to collectively conceive of, bid for, and manage research-linked IMR technology projects;
  • Stimulating prospects for exporting IMR products and services, with a strong focus on the Asia Pacific region, through collective business development, marketing and branding of the cluster;
  • Offering a platform for operators to better communicate their IMR needs while providing improved opportunities for members to communicate their ideas and capabilities to the operators;
  • Allowing participant cost savings through the promotion of shared test facilities, R&D infrastructure, expertise, ideas and business support;
  • Attracting and developing competence by ensuring Australia is the go-to location for experts and researchers in IMR associated fields;
  • Facilitating opportunities beyond oil & gas in areas such as defence, subsea mining, aquaculture and offshore renewable energy by creating opportunities for alternative industries to come together with the subsea IMR sector;
  • Reviewing opportunities and benefits of standardising subsea IMR contracts, procedures and interfaces in the Asia Pacific region;
  • Facilitating interaction with other subsea clusters, such as Norway’s GCE Subsea Cluster, to seek areas for more global opportunities for IMR collaboration.

Cluster Organisation

The Cluster Organisation comprises a Steering Committee, with an appointed chairman, a Cluster Manager, and volunteer support staff.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is an elected body that represent the interests of all cluster members and is responsible for providing guidance, overall strategic direction and endorsement of recommendations from the Cluster Manager.

The Cluster Manager will organise and participate in the Steering Committee meetings, but will not be a voting member of the committee.

Committee Chairman

The chairman convenes and chairs the steering committee meetings and is elected by the steering committee from its delegates.

Cluster Manager

The Cluster Manager has day-to-day operational responsibility for the cluster including managing the processes and activities in line with the Business Plan and Strategy. The cluster manager will also facilitate the interaction and cooperation between members and partners.

To access SICA Business Plan and Strategy, please click here.