Subsea Innovation Cluster (SICA)

The Subsea inspection, maintenance and repair (IMR) Innovation Cluster Australia (SICA) strengthens collaboration, innovation and the market expansion of the Australian subsea IMR sector.

The process for developing this strategic platform has been extensive and inclusive, involving a large number of the suppliers and end users involved in the subsea IMR sector.

The strategic platform presented is deeply rooted in (SICA). It represents the shared understanding of the goals and strategies for further cluster development. It is also understood by the cluster members that these goals and strategies may be updated as the cluster develops. However, the Vision and key Objective will remain the same.

Courtesy MIT-REAP


To be the Asia Pacific center of expertise and development/innovation in subsea inspection, maintenance and repair technology and services. The cluster will bring together companies across the whole value chain, attracting capital, knowledge and skilled individuals to develop differentiated offerings through innovation that lead to a bigger market share both nationally and internationally for the Perth subsea industry.


Employing cross industry collaboration to strengthen the Perth subsea supplier and services sector’s competitive advantages by developing differentiated products and services to realise sustainable growth and value creation in the IMR sector both regionally and globally through innovation.


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