Every month we will introduce you to one of our board members and share their vision for SEA. This month meet Stephen Harris, who recently joined the SEA board.

Tell us how you first got involved in with Subsea Energy Australia

Many of Pressure Dynamics’ customers and industry partners are active participants in SEA, and the networking forums and industry events hosted by SEA are a great way to meet in a less formal setting to catch up for both business dealings, and in developing and growing interpersonal relationships.

Proactive engagement as a Board Member of the SEA is a great way to recognise both business, professional and personal support received through the industry, and to contribute to its sustainability and future development.

What's your personal philosophy on what you would like to achieve while on the SEA board?

I am keen to see recognition of the full scale and scope of local capabilities that can be delivered by the Australian subsea industry – there is local expertise regarding equipment specified and delivered for our regional operating conditions that cannot be matched by international providers, and numerous providers of industry-leading equipment and services that are not as well-known as they should be. Further, much innovation is being advanced by local industry participants, and SEA activities provide the environment for these to be communicated and promoted to collaboration partners and customers alike.

There is a fantastic new initiative emerging through the SEA to provide services to its members in promoting and supporting the resilience, mental-wellbeing, and mental-health of their personnel. Such programs are typically limited to large organisations and beyond the capacity of SMEs to deliver – I hope to see this program delivered by SEA so that such services are available industry-wide, and synergistic inputs can be mutually coordinated between large organisations and SMEs.

What might (someone) be surprised to know about you?

I actively participate in volunteer activities to support and promote individual demonstration of mature masculinity and mature femininity, intended to encourage individual contributions to the improvement of our society one man and one women at a time. Various “support” groups exist across Perth to enable participants to share their thoughts and feelings, and seek suggestions and support, in a safe and confidential environment free of ego or judgement. Each individual is encouraged to define their own personal mission and to hold themselves accountable to living up to that mission. Most Friday nights I facilitate and participate in one of these groups.

What do you think will change in our industry over the next five years?

Increased standardisation with selective and limited customisation shall become an expectation versus an intent or discussion point. Systems reliability shall emerge as a major source of increased productivity and cost and risk management. Dynamic condition monitoring of, and implementation of data analysis findings for systems and assets shall deliver continuous improvement opportunities, operational and maintenance responsiveness, cost control and reliability.

Greater collaborative engagement between local industry participants, international contributors and Operators, plus recognition of contractors as industry partners and collaborators generating value for their customers (versus any perception of being transactional providers of equipment and services) shall increase the success rate of delivering projects and operations for best-value lifecycle performance and costs.

Whereas growth in the industry in previous years has necessitated importing expertise and resources from international sources - also often leading to reliance upon those personnel’s known international equipment and service providers - I see that the Australian subsea industry has the opportunity to emerge as a regional centre of excellence, resources, innovation and co-opertition over the next five years.